Techniques for Advanced Twitter Marketing

Twitter is a powerful social network to improve your brand, find content ideas, and connect with people who can help you grow your business. Here are some advanced Twitter marketing techniques other than using hashtags, speaking with followers, etc. that will help you improve marketing for your company on Twitter.

Advanced Twitter Marketing Techniques

Tweak your Tweet Layout

  • Vary link locations:  A recent study found that the click-through rate for links is higher when the links are closer to the start of the tweet instead of placing it anywhere in the tweet.
  • Use multimedia: Use of pictures, videos and GIFs can prove to be a catalyst to maximize your chances of getting all your tweets out to your followers.
  • Careful use of @reply: Since a tweet saying @xyz will show up only on the account of @xyz and your followers won’t be able see it, be careful while using @reply.

Use Your Followers

  • Locate and work with people who influence crowd: People follow your company because they really like your company’s products. Among these followers, there will be trusted voices of your industry as well. Work with them by creating specific content for them and giving them mentions in your tweets.
  • Use Twitter’s List function: Twitter’s List feature can help you locate people who re-tweet, favorite, and reply the most often. This will give you a better idea about who you should target.

Use Your Competitors

  • Use Twitter’s Advanced Search: This will help you refine a search letting you find your competitor’s hash tags and clients. By using the Geo-location and keywords search functions, you will be able to narrow your parameters to the keywords that are important to you or can find potential customers in the desired location.
  • Follow your competition: Keep a track of the trends that emerge and join in on the conversations.

“Other” Field in Advanced Search

The “Other” field in Twitter Advanced Search can be found at the bottom of Twitter Advanced Search as a series of check boxes.

  1. You go to the Words field and enter a phrase.
  2.  Scroll down to the bottom of the Advanced Search field and find the “Other” checkbox section for questions.
  3. Click on the search button and the result you get will be a list of new leads you can recommend your products to.

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Top 4 Marketing Tactics To Use During This Holiday Season

The holidays can make or break any business. This is why it’s important for businesses to carefully plan their marketing strategy for the upcoming holiday season.

Marketing techniques for holiday season

Buckle Down on Social Media Promotions

Social media doesn’t often drive direct sales. This is because it is part of a larger process – an online shopper interacting with you on your social channels and returning later through multiple other touch points across the sales funnel. However, during the holidays the content shared on social media will often gain more reach than they have all year. Promoted content on social media can help you reach a larger audience to help garner the sales you’re looking to reach. The content and the sales posted on these platforms must be relevant and appealing to your audience to ensure your ads are returning a strong return on investment.

When using email, make the subject line cheery

Many consumers are more inclined to check their inbox to take advantage of discounts and coupons that they can use during their holiday shopping activities. Use of seasonal subject lines will encourage people to open the messages and act on the information contained within them.

Seasonalize Your Display Advertising

Brand your display advertising for the holidays, inline with the creative you are using on your other marketing channels for these campaigns. It is recommended to use graphics that align with the season on your display advertising to help your ad stand out from the content around it once a person sees it.

Spread Some Cross-Selling Cheer

When a customer visits your site looking for a holiday gift, your product detail pages should be ready with helpful suggestions. You can suggest bundling products or show the same item pre-packaged together with other items as a gift-set or suggest some similar products. It is probably not feasible to update every product detail page with appropriate cross/up-selling suggestions. So once again, focus attention on your top-sellers.

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Getting Your Online Store Holiday-Ready

The holiday season is almost always the most profitable time of year for online businesses. By implementing a plan of preparation you can put your business in a position for great profits and get numerous loyal customers.

Online Holiday Shopping

Here are some tips to prepare for holiday season:

Create a Promotional Calendar

The first step is to create a promotional calendar that maps out what deals you’ll be offering to customers during the holiday season as it is expected by customers to be a time of year for heavy sales, discounts, deals, and promotions. Save your promotional calendar online such that it is easily accessible to your entire team.

Create a Gift Guide

The holiday season is all about purchasing and giving gifts. We’re all expected to purchase items for loved-ones, but how do we know what to buy? Not everyone makes a wish-list anymore, so many online shoppers are always looking for gift giving suggestions.

Stock Profiling

It is essential to know what items you will have in stock and prepare for holiday season rush. If you think an item will sell well, try setting up a pre-order service. This helps you in evaluating how in demand you think a product may be.

Visual perception/ website enhancements

Your homepage is your shop window and needs to create confidence, quality and entice your potential customer. It is integral to keep your customer on your site and make them feel at ease with the online shopping experience. Including functionality like zooming, color options, product videos or similar/associated products, most popular gifts etc. enhances customer online shopping experience. Descriptions and images of products must be up to date. Quality for the customer must be seen not only in the product you are selling but also in the secure, hassle free purchase of that product.


The navigational structure on your website is a powerful merchandising tool. Customers want easy to navigate pages that can get you from the product image and description to the checkout in as few clicks as possible.

Prepare for a possible traffic jam

Holiday season means extra traffic. Test your servers for additional load management. Keep your eyes peeled for server transaction errors during checkouts. Brush up your site, servers and all your internal business processes to handle maximum traffic.

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5 Email marketing mistakes to avoid

Email marketing offers you different varieties and tactics of marketing. Following these tactics, one can easily reach to right customer at right time to sell his product. It has made your access easy to find people. You can get access to the people of your own choice. Email marketing can prove very successful when used properly and one way in which to maximize its return on investment (ROI) is opting for a form known as targeted email marketing.

5 Email marketing mistakes to avoid

But here are some email marketing mistakes to avoid:

Unreliable email lists

The secret to successful email campaigns is clean data. It is the very first step to building a successful email marketing program. Ensure that all customer information is up-to-date and valid. Invalid email addresses will decrease email reputation. And purchasing email lists from an unreliable source can set up the sender domain for future failures.

Poor Frequency

While a flood of emails may distance the customers you’re trying to attract, the opposite is true, too. Irregular email blasts will never be able to maintain momentum, which is crucial in motivating your readers to interact with your company in the way you want them to. Maintain continuous communication with the recipients through email to stay at the forefront of their minds. Also, do not send an email blast that reaches the majority of your email subscribers while they’re sleeping or busy with some work.

Not considering mobile users

A study says that 79% of smartphone owners use their device for reading email. This number is likely to continue to grow, demonstrating the evolving need for mobile-optimized emails. Ignoring the fact that there are many consumers attempting to read your communications on their mobile devices can be hurtful to email campaign results and consumer sentiment toward the company.

Forgetting to send emails at important moments

The debut of new products/services or any rewards your business receives or release of any new feature of your product are examples of email-worthy announcements. When you bury them somewhere on your website, you’re wasting an opportunity to gain traction through email. If you have an especially important event to cover, create a multi-email campaign around it.

No CTA (Call-to-Action)

If you went through the effort of creating a great subject line and compelling content, it is be useless if you forget to add your “call to action” in the body of your email. The whole purpose behind you releasing an email campaign to your list is so your readers take some sort of action, whether it be clicking a link to read your blog or checking out the video you hyperlinked within the text to talk about your new product. You have interested viewers but if you’re making it tough for them to click on the deal or to use a promotion code, you’ll lose business. A single, dedicated call-to-action is the most powerful way to maximize your conversions. Repeating this call to action is even better.

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Ways to Build a Loyal Audience on YouTube

YouTube is evolving from a video-based site to a channels-based site where subscriptions rule. With the new One Channel layout, your branding will work across all screens, you can turn non-subscribers into loyal fans, and you can show off more of your video content.

Ways to Build a Loyal Audience on YouTube

Quality Content

One of the most important strategies for increasing the number of viewers for a YouTube channel is to provide people with quality videos that would interest people. If people were to visit a channel that consisted of outdated or boring, there’s a high chance that they would never return. You must regularly post fresh, quality content that people want to watch.

Maintain Consistency In the Presentation

Usually people put their heart and soul into the making of their first video. This does win them a lot of views, but if later on their efforts begin go down in the subsequent videos, they will lose their viewers. Hence the consistency in presentation is also essential in order to retain the regular viewership.

Ensure that the YouTube video has been optimized for web search

Since SEO is the lifeline of all web promotions, you need to follow strong SEO guidelines so that your YouTube video is able to reach out to a large mass of people. Include relevant keywords, use of smart titles and enhance your description and content.

Interact with Your Audience

Your viewers want to feel important and appreciated. So reaching out to thank them for visiting your channel will help you to create a strong audience. You don’t need to respond to every single comment but taking the time to thank your viewers for their support could make a big difference in the long run.

Guest Posting to Reach More Viewers

You can approach established website or blog owners in your niche and submit your request for guest posting. Guest posts provide both sides with benefits because the website owners get free high quality content and you get to market your channel in return. You can write good posts there and link your post back to your YouTube channel. Not only does this help grow your audience, but it is also a great way to boost your seo results.

Consider Personality vs. Brand

Commenting and posting as a person and not as your brand is also a key to making your viewers feel connected. If you are a brand and you are interacting and engaging with a community that surrounds your content as a company, you might want to use your face and put your company’s logo in the bottom corner of that image instead. This way people feel like they’re still talking to a person.

Participate in Forums

A forum is a great place to get engaged with your target viewers. The best way to draw viewers from a forum is through the YouTube channel link mentioned in the signature. It’s a good way to send your message to the right target visitors and draw traffic to your videos or channel.

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New Budget Plan: Sell Online! Go Easy On Your Pocket!

We launched SellMojo to help you take your business online. We have always worked hard to ensure that we handle your backend so you could do what you do best, “Make” your products!


Whether you are a clothes brand selling designer wear, or a gifting brand customizing the gifts for every occasion, a confectionery baking really mouthwatering cakes and pastries, SellMojo provides you with an online edge to boost your sales.

We now want to shift the paradigm and enable you to sell online, with every possible feature that Amazon uses to sell its product, at a cost that is less than $6 (Rs 399) per month. Say hello to the new Budget Plan. 

Along with the essentials required to start a full-fledged online store, this plan also comes with Payment Gateway Support.

What’s new in store for you?

  • Easy on pocket just at Rs. 399 per month
  • Offers you Debit / Credit Card and Net Banking Support.
  • This affordable plan gives you an option of uploading up to 150 products
  • Enables serving the orders across the globe
Don’t sit on the sidelines anymore, jump in an get started.

Unveiling the Story of a Cake Shop Spreading Smiles

When you have a birthday, who gets the cake for you? Your dear ones, right? Hence, we came up with GiftmyCake! GiftmyCake is an online store to Gift birthday cake to your dear ones.


Our first batch of customers came from a friend’s event company. They were organizing a birthday party for their customer. So they ordered the birthday cake from GiftmyCake.

We faced a lot of difficulties and learnt many lessons throughout our journey. Our first delivery was done on a two wheeler and unfortunately it was raining that day. The delivery executive could not deliver it on time. Here, the lesson learnt was to consider environmental conditions and start early (around 2 to 3 hours ahead of the birthday celebration time). Having a mentor can help you sail through the ups and downs properly.

With SellMojo Go-To-Market time with technology is faster. I was in contact with the Sellmojo team to have a feature to compute delivery cost based on pincode and he made a better feature available quickly!


Birthday is a special occasion for many of our customers. We have seen people feel emotional as it’s a day out of those 365 days, which is totally dedicated to you, by the ones who love you.

One such order I would like to share is about a customer who lives in Coimbatore. He gifted a birthday cake to his pregnant wife, who at that time was in Bangalore for delivery at her mother’s place. We had to consult a gynecologist on the type of ingredients to be put in the cake and delivered it with at most care.

New Feature: SellMojo Themes

The key to selling starts with showing off what you have got. Now customize your SellMojo store to match your unique brand. SellMojo gives you the power to create an online store worthy of your brand’s image. The theme comes bundled with plenty of options and alternate colour schemes to match your brand identity.

SellMojo Themes

Where will it appear?

You can customize your store theme by selecting one of the options in ‘Template’ category in the ‘Settings’ tab on the left panel of your dashboard.

SellMojo Themes

How will it help me?

Having a well designed storefront has been proven to increase sales and is a direct reflection of your business. So change the look and feel of your store to provide your customers an eye-pleasing shopping experience.

Re-Engage Your Inactive Email Subscribers

Good email marketing is about sending quality content to people. But how will you measure the quality of emails you are sending out? ‘Engagement’ is its measure. For most email marketers, the inactive subscribers can make up the majority of their email list. These are subscribers who have not opened or clicked an email over a certain period of time. People on your email list could become inactive due to a number of reasons.

How To Re-Engage Inactive Email Subscribers

Below are few techniques which may help you re-engage your email subscribers:

1. Quality Content

Providing relevant information, based on the interests and specifics your subscribers provided when they signed up, makes a difference in your success rate. Craft catchy subject lines but be sure they communicate what your email is really about.

2. Define Inactives

We must define inactive subscribers in our email list. Inactive subscriber is anyone who has not responded on any of the emails sent over a certain period of time. It is important to know the number of inactive users on an email list because it is a good indicator of whether your content interests of your audience, you get a more accurate picture of the response to your email promotions and also high number of inactive users can have a negative impact

3. Include Call to Action

Send your inactive subscribers a series of re-engagement emails. You can send out emails that allow them to change their email preferences or that force them to click a link to continue receiving emails. It’s important to have a call to action in your re-engagement emails to separate subscribers who are still interested from those who have checked out.

4. Re-ignite Interest In Your Inactive List

Let them know they’re missed and you want them back. Also include a special offer, invitation or incentive, such as discounts, access to free information, samples or free shipping. Be sure to provide an unsubscribe link for the people who really are no longer interested in receiving your communications.

5. Trim Your Email List

This may seem like you are getting rid of potential customers, but keep in mind that even though your list may be smaller, the quality will be much better. You save time and energy by not sending emails to people who aren’t interested. You are simply removing the “deadweight” from affecting the performance of the rest of your email list.

6. Use Facebook Custom Audience

With the new Facebook custom ad structure on the Power Editor, you can upload your entire list to Facebook and have a campaign specifically targeted to your email list. It’s a great way to reach out to the audience that is active on Facebook, but not on your list.

7. Ask Customers to Update Their Email Information

Asking customers to update their email information gives the customer an opportunity to enter a new email address if it’s has changed, customize email settings, and sign up for mobile or social media updates, if it turns out that’s how she prefers to engage.

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Impact of Color on Consumer Buying

There are many factors that influence how and what consumers buy. However, a great deal is decided by visual cues, the strongest and most persuasive being color. Color plays a significant role in triggering emotions in people. Hence, when marketing a new product it is crucial to consider that visual appearance and color above other factors such as sound, smell and texture.

Market researchers argue that color affects purchasing habits. Impulse buyers respond best to red-orange, black and royal blue. Shoppers, who plan and stick to budgets respond best to pink, light blue and navy.Traditionalists respond to pastels – pink, rose, sky blue. But to check accurate color effects and perception of consumers is difficult as there are many parameters such as culture, gender, age, socioeconomic class, and religion etc. Importantly, cultures differ in their artistic expressions as colors represent different meanings and aesthetic appeals in different cultures.

Impact of Color on Consumer Buying

Research the Market

Market research and testing is of vital importance. If you are serious about maximizing your profits, research your target market’s color responses. Design several versions of the site, and test those designs on the target market. Also, solicit feedback and make changes if needed. Your aim is to use colors to build a website with which your target market relates.

Watch the Top Retailers

Top online retailers spend millions on color research so you don’t have to. Watch the top selling retailers to see any emerging trends.

Use Safe Colors

Unless you’re dealing with an already strong brand, stick with safe colors. Trying to develop a new brand around colors that don’t traditionally work in selling isn’t the best idea. So you see color has a much broader impact than one might believe on the ability to sell your product. Keep with the marketers mind and remember to continually test everything. A simple change in color of ‘Buy Now’ button on an online e-commerce can affect drastically.

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