Top 10 Benefits of a Facebook Enterprise

They say one out of every thirteen people on Earth is on Facebook. Hence, there is no better platform than Facebook for your Enterprise to gain followers and expands its fan base. Some of the top benefits of having your enterprise online are listed below.

benefits of a Facebook page

1. Shop and sell on Facebook

Having your Enterprise set up on Facebook makes it very convenient for your customers to purchase your products and services online since they don’t have to navigate away from Facebook! They can avail any of your services while they’re online on Facebook and don’t have to access your website or visit your office.

2. Immensely saves time

In today’s busy world customers prefer purchasing products online since its drastically saves time and can be done with absolute ease. They can buy your products and services on the go without having to visit your store or office! Hence, having an enterprise on Facebook can tremendously boost up your sales.

3. The more the merrier

Facebook has 1.23 billion active monthly users which is actually the number of people who can access your store or enterprise on Facebook itself. This huge number can actually assist you in building up your sales tremendously within a very short span of time!

4. Share and Like options

The ‘Share’ and ‘Like’ options can be used by your present customers when they have had a pleasant experience on your page. In this manner, your future customers can be aware of your enterprise through your present customers which in turn helps you increase your fan base!

5. Judge your impact

You can judge the impact your enterprise has had on your customers through Facebook by the number of likes,shares and comments the customers leave on your posts. The inbox message feature also makes its very convenient for your customers to drop in suggestions and feedback which can be used by you to improve your enterprise in accordance with your customers’ needs.

6. Spread your reach

Since your Facebook account can be connected to your twitter account, Instagram account,etc, you can spread your reach on the other social media platforms as well. This will help people to know your enterprise on other social networking sites as well!

7. News Feed updates

All your customers can be informed about your latest updates through their News Feeds. This feature lets your fans know about your updates almost instantly and at any point of the day. You don’t have to send them any emails as your updates will regularly appear on their News Feeds.

8. An enterprise thats active round the clock

Having your store or enterprise set up on Facebook not only caters to the customers within your demographic area but also across the globe! Facebook users worldwide can access your page and use your services at any time of the day which greatly affects the sales of your enterprise!

9. Multiple pictures, videos and descriptions

Facebook allows you post multiple pictures, videos and description of your services which not only affects the brand reputation of your enterprise but also makes your page more fun and exciting. This factor plays a major role in attracting customers to your enterprise to increase your likes and in turn increase your sales.

10. Manage your enterprise on Facebook

Last but not the least, having a page on Facebook helps you manage your store without you navigating away from Facebook! So you never have to get off Facebook and can continue working on Facebook itself! In this manner, you’re always connected to your customers.

Feel free to drop in your comments below for any ideas or suggestions that you have to expand your business on Facebook.

Top 3 fundamentals of creating an Online store

Due to the advent of social media in the last couple of years it has become extremely essential to have your store up and running on the world wide web. Here are the most important fundamentals to keep in mind while creating your online store to see your sales rise through the roof!

fundamentals of an online store

1. An attractive and unique user interface
In order to attract customers to your online store you need to have a well worded and designed website which provides all the information a customer desires. Having an extremely attractive and user friendly Graphical User Interface also enhances the customers’ experience on your website. The website should provide all the information needed by the customer through text and multiple images which are too good to turn away from! Conduct regular sales, attractive discounts and interesting offers which tempt the customers to shop from your store instantly!

2.Strong presence on social media
One of the finest ways to reach out to your present and future customers is through social media. Its is important to be extremely active on all social media platforms for your customers to be aware of your products and services. This enables them to interact with you and helps you to cognizant of your target audience. Before the launch of your store you should give them a sneak-peak of your services and after the launch you can use these platforms to answer their queries and take their feedback. Keep posting original content at regular intervals accompanied with fun pictures and videos which appeals to your target audience and helps you increase your fanbase on the various social media platforms.

3.A well planned payment gateway and logistics system
Payment gateways are one of the most integral components of an online store and customers desire smooth and secure payment options. Provide your customers with a variety of payment options like credit/debit card payment, cash on delivery, paypal,etc for them to choose whatever suits them best. Also, it is extremely essential to have a well planned logistics system to ensure secure delivery of the products and services at the earliest. A well planned logistics system will help you track orders and delivery, handle multiple orders and deliver your product within a short span of time.

Utilize these key fundamentals to get your store up and running in absolutely no time and to boost your sales online and offline! Feel free to leave comments and better suggestions to kickstart an enterprise by setting up an online store!

How to use Pinterest like a Pro?

Pinterest is a really powerful social media platform more so because it is a highly visual medium which makes the   Not only is it important to keep up-to-date with Pinterest and stay informed about what it is and how it operates, but it’s also necessary to understand the type of content that belongs on it and how to utilize it so that you are maximizing its marketing potential. Pinterest marketing should be creative, fun, and engaging in order to be effective, and there are many things that you can do on Pinterest that you can’t necessarily do on other platforms.



So here’s what you should be doing make the most of your Pinterest Boards and profiles. Even if you are a beginner, intermediate or an advanced pinner, each of these steps are sure to help you.

1. Host a Guest Pinner Board

As we always stress, social media marketing is all about engaging and interacting with your audience. What better way to get this audience involved than actually giving them a say in what’s being pinned to your boards? By getting your audience involved in your boards, you’ll increase engagement, create more interest and intrigue around your brand, and gives you insight into what your consumers are already interested in and what they want to see! Pinterest is also a way to lure your customers and tease them in a way to get them buying the things they wish to own.

2. Create Contests

Everyone loves a good contest now and then to really get involved with their favorite brands as well as the opportunity to win something of value. Big brands, like Volkswagen, have seen a lot of success from contests in which they ask their followers to pin their own images to the brand’s board with the chance of winning a prize. You don’t have to be a big brand to see results either. Small brands with a loyal following can also obtain optimal results from contests. What does this do? It creates buzz and word-of-mouth about your brand as well as adds some fun and excitement to your marketing efforts. Just make sure you’re following Pinterest’s contest guidelines.

3. Display Your Brand Personality

You know what values, ideals, and cultural aspects are important to your company, and Pinterest is a great place to show them off and bring them to life! For instance, if you are proud of the way your products are crafted and manufactured? Pin and share it with your followers. Have a few mottos that your company lives by? Pin them! Devote a board to all the things that make your company what it is. If your follower base can see what your brand is all about, they’ll have more of a reason to really get behind you and become true brand advocates.

4. Pin Videos

Pinterest doesn’t just have to be for pictures. Pinterest makes it easy for you to pin videos as well, so take advantage of this. Videos provide a deeper visual into whatever you may be pinning- whether it is a how-to, usage situation, or to convey thoughts and emotions that you couldn’t have otherwise. Videos can provide more dimension and depth to your otherwise flat boards and keep things from getting too monotonous.

For instance, we have pinned our video on our Pinterest board. And it makes the otherwise picture oriented medium alot more exciting!

Begin utilizing these tips to jumpstart your Pinterest marketing experience today. These are some of many ways that businesses can utilize Pinterest, so if you have more suggestions, feel free to leave them in the comments below!


Social Proof: The new age validation

Gone are the days when Social Proof was simply associated with the number of followers you had on Facebook and Twitter. The count does matter, but social proof is more than that!

How often do you go to a new restaurant without a recommendation from a friend or family member? If the answer is not very often, the dynamics of social proof have changed.

Most of us tend to only try something new if someone we know has made a mention of it.

Social proof has entered our lives and has become a validation in the most unseeming ways!

This is called “Word of Mouth Marketing” — and it existed long before the Internet & social media.

It’s the basis of all multi-level marketing (MLM) — and that is why MLM is so successful.

People buy what their friends recommend!

If a friend says the cake at the local Bakery is horrible, you’re probably not going to eat there. But if they rave about how amazingly delicious the cake is at another bakery, then you’ll go there without giving it a second thought.

In the marketing world this is called “Social Proof”.

Social Proof is why McDonald’s used to show a count of the number of customers served on their signs.

If that many people have eaten there, then it definitely has to be good and worth a try.

SellMojo’s “Ask for an Opinion” feature aims to nudge this and take this a little ahead.

So how can you use Social Proof to woo your customers and drive sales?

Given below is an interesting infographic that shows how social proof influences our decision making process. Here’s a look at how Social Proof affects businesses largely. 


SellMojo turns One

Exactly a year ago we shared SellMojo with the world and ever since we have been overwhelmed by the response that we have received. We set out with a vision to simplify ecommerce and empower everyone to start their businesses online. With this sole aim we have come a long way. We are happy to have had the opportunity to power more than 700 merchants in achieving their dreams.

Some statistics from the year gone by:

  • Total Number of published products: 21,000+
  • Total value of published products: 5,03,00,000+
  • Total worth of Sales powered by SellMojo: 89,93,000+
  • Total digital impressions created across all merchants: 26 Million +

Your support, feedback and encouragement drives us to innovate and make selling simpler for you.

We have shared some more interesting trivia about the year gone by here –

Note to the editor: 

SellMojo is a unique social commerce platform, offering businesses the opportunity to sell to their customers with fun, accessibility, and ease within Facebook and on the web. SellMojo combines the best parts of an online store platform with a social shopping experience.

SellMojo provides an application that enables brands and merchants with a way to create their own storefronts where Facebook’s 1 billion users can discover products and shop without ever leaving the social network. As brands look to social media for new ways to build their identity, SellMojo helps you monetize your Facebook presence and turn “fans” into valuable customers.

Link to High Resolution Logo Assets

Bringing online and offline commerce closer

At SellMojo, we believe in simplifying commerce. To do this we have been building a system that will eventually integrate offline and online commerce and make it easy for a merchant to sell on multiple channels from a single inventory management system. In the coming weeks we will be launching 2 features that will enable a merchant to bring online and offline sales closer.

Today we are happy to share an example of how the merchants we power are getting incredibly creative at selling their products!

Roti Kapda Makaan is a space where design, innovation, functionality and affordability come together. RKM is a platform for design and events.. an easy ambiance where you can shop for cool gifts, have a cup of coffee and simply be inspired!

In the December – January issue of the Sommelier Magazine you can see a listing for a lovely wine chiller! Please see the image below


By putting a customised product short link in the description, people can just enter that link, actually reach a page where they will find the 3 in 1 Wine chiller and they can just buy it from that page! Dont believe us, check it out – >

SellMojo is a unique social commerce platform, offering businesses the opportunity to sell to their customers with fun, accessibility, and ease within Facebook. SellMojo combines the best parts of an online store platform with a social shopping experience and helps you set up a Facebook Store.

In the news: SellMojo gets mentioned on the Huffington Post


We speak to Sébastien Chatelier about how”Selling on Facebook is to think differently”

At SellMojo we now power over 700 merchants. From the small business run out of home to the SME’s which employ a few people to multi-nationals corporations. We have been enabling merchants to make their commerce social and enable transaction across various platforms; their website and their facebook page.

With larger MNC’s who have invested considerable amounts in building a community around their brand on Facebook, we provide them opportunity to also introduce their products to their fans, right where the community hangs-out – on Facebook. These brands can track which products are popular, which colour/variant works well with the community and take actions based on these insights. We have also powered a few of these brands to enable the purchasing process right here through the Facebook page.

We give marketing manager insights which are deeper than like and reach of their Facebook community! If you are a marketing manager – write to us

You can read the original interview in French here - SellMojo mentioned on Huffington Post

You can read the English version of the article hereSellMojo mentioned on Huffington Post (English)


Are you marketing on Instagram?

Instagram launched in October of 2010. Two months later, its community was already 1 Million strong. The usage and spread of Instagram has been on the rise ever since.

Over 60% of the Instagram community is located outside of the United States. Currently there are 150 Million Monthly Active Users and the numbers keep growing everyday. On an average approximately 16 Billion Photos are shared on a daily basis and this platform sees 1.2 Billion Likes and 55 Million Photos shared every day. Since the numbers are in millions and billions the potential of reaching out on Instagram as a social platform to reach out to your customers cannot be ignored.

Big brands swear by Instagram to visually lure their users right from Oreo to Nike. The 3 most popular brands being Nike, Starbucks and NBA with Nike having over 19 million posts with #Nike hashtag. 


Here are a few tips to Instagram to your users better.

1. Use hashtags to share content

Hashtags (#) are the best way to find other Instagrammers who are talking about a specific topic, brand or startup. Follow the conversations and develop unique ways to engage. Also, don’t underestimate the power of creating your company’s own unique hashtags when you post images of your products and services.

For instance, We have created our own unique hashtag #SellMojoproductoftheday to promote the products of our SellMojo stores.

Posts with many relevant tags have the highest effectiveness. Encourage customers to use the same hashtags when they share brand related images. Hashtags can help businesses by making it easy for people to find images related to the brand, improve content reach and engagement, and make Instagram content go viral.

2. Create a story through images

The best way to get customers to remember your brand is to create a deep emotional connection. Businesses can post images of existing products and services, share event pictures, and take customers behind the scenes of product launches. Creating a compelling story gives customers a glimpse inside the world of your brand — creating higher intrigue and interest. What is even better is that you can use one of the Instagram filters to give your image that exact feel and get that instant connect with Instagrammers.

For instance, Oreo’s Instagram profile creates and shares images that a lot of creative Oreo fans make and this makes their brand highly interactive.

3. Timing is what matters

Select the best times for posting and sharing. That is when you can get the most amount of comments and likes on your photos. The most popular time to post a photo is either on Wednesday or Thursday during from noon to evening.  Furthermore statisitcs show that a photo is the most active during the first 3 hours. Almost 40% of all comments happen within the first hour, the other 60% of all comments on a photo happen within the first 3 hours.

4. Create and share videos

Instagram being a visual medium is all about images and videos. With the introduction of videos in the recent times you can capture moments on Instagram with videos which would let you be more vivid, artistic and creative with your images. Allowing you to share 15 second long videos sharing videos on Instagram makes sharing videos effortless.

5. Get everyone involved

Getting followers on Instagram will only be possible when you can get people talking about it and interacting with your brand. The best way to do this would be to start from the employees of your company or organization. Employees are an important asset for a business when it comes to social media. The best way to create legitimate Instagram activity is to encourage your employees to be part of the conversation. Encourage employees to follow your brand, like and post images, and to comment on them. A constant employee involvement can give customers a closer look at your company culture and create a community for everyone to share ideas.

Take away tip:

20% of all users Instagram are also on Facebook. You just need to connect two accounts and your Facebook friends will see it and they can start following you on Instagram. Usually 3-5% of your Facebook friends will start following you on Instagram. You can start to post a status update on Facebook asking people to follow you on Instagram and it could increase that number to 5-7%.

You can also see our Instagram profile here!

SellMojo is a unique social commerce platform, offering businesses the opportunity to sell to their customers with fun, accessibility, and ease within Facebook. SellMojo combines the best parts of an online store platform with a social shopping experience and helps you set up a Facebook Store.


10 ways to maximize ROI from your Facebook page

Facebook continues to be the best platform for your business despite the changes in the news feed algorithm and new restrictions that have been imposed. Here are the reasons why your Facebook page should be on the top of your marketing efforts.


1. Increased exposure to potential customers

1.19 billion users. And these are a lot of users!

If your business can’t find new customers on Facebook or isn’t fit for Facebook, maybe you should rethink your plan of action.

2. Gather more leads

Just having people like your page isn’t enough to provide yourself with a long-term, sustainable business. Sure you can make a good living short-term off just using your Facebook page.

If you haven’t made a connection with your followers outside of Facebook, then you’ll be in trouble.

That’s why smart businesses gather leads in the form of email addresses — so they can contact their community outside of Facebook.

Most do this through contests, giveaways & newsletters — and it’s a proven system.

But you also need to ensure the fact that you use your leads to optimum use, probably generate an emailing list.

Email them consistently once or twice a week with helpful information that also leads them to your website — where they hopefully will become customers.

3. Cutting down on your marketing costs

Starting and running your Facebook page costs precisely NOTHING. Yes, you heard it right.

Imagine, being able to reach to so many people and that too for absolutely FREE!

4. Catering to your Target audience

Just because there are 1.19 billion Facebook users, it doesn’t mean they all want to Like your page.

In fact, I wouldn’t want all of them to Like my page — because only a small percentage of them would actually engage with your posts. This is where Facebook Ads optimization comes into the picture

5. Using Facebook insights

The new Facebook page insights are easy to understand — even for non-technical people. And they provide great information for business owners.

Taking a quick look at the insights of your page, I see:

  • How many page Likes you have
  • The Reach of your posts & page
  • Engagement of the page
  • Post Performance and a lot of other factors that come into the picture

6. Building Brand Loyalty

Besides being a place to build a customer base & sell products, a Facebook business page can do wonders for helping you build brand loyalty.

If you are able to consistently provide valuable & entertaining content, your followers will stay loyal — even when you make mistakes.

These days, people look online to find businesses to buy from — and they predominately search social media.

7.  Increasing your Web traffic

Smart Facebook page owners drive traffic to their website or blog from their Facebook page.

The great thing about linked post is Facebook now generates a full-width thumbnail image if your website makes one available.

Because they draw more attention and images take precedence over text, these wider images are more likely to get clicked.

8. Boosting your SEO 

Earlier SEO and social media were different and non interfering, but with the changing dynamics your Social Media presence drastically does affect your SEO.

To boost your SEO you can really strengthen your Social Media presence in quite a few ways.

What is completely true is that the more ways people can find you the better!

9. Being Mobile ready

Users access websites and pages on devices more than ever. And many of them ONLY through their mobile devices. If your followers see being active and responsive they are much more likely to do business with you than a company with no Facebook presence and an ill managed Facebook page.

10.  Tracking and following your competition

An interesting new feature on Facebook pages lets businesses spy on competitors. 

Facebook makes suggestions based on competition in my area in my same (or a similar) niche. You can choose those pages by clicking “Watch Page” or search for pages in the search box.

If you look at the Pages to Watch & see a page has exploded & gained lots of new Likes, you can visit that page to see what they’re doing right.

Perhaps a post had huge success & you can copy what they are doing on your page to gain more Likes.

Facebook lets you select more than 5 if you want. Now this doesn’t mean you can see every move they make but you certainly can see their sales or results from their ads — but it’s a great way to see how others in your area & niche are growing on Facebook.

SellMojo is a unique social commerce platform, offering businesses the opportunity to sell to their customers with fun, accessibility, and ease within Facebook. SellMojo combines the best parts of an online store platform with a social shopping experience and helps you set up a Facebook Store.