Make your Facebook store your web store

SellMojo now gives you a way to make your storefront accessible off Facebook. Along with a Facebook store, you can now have a website which is linked to your Facebook store. .

There are two ways to have a storefront off Facebook:

1. Using a custom domain.

2. Using a custom sub-domain.


You can use the custom domain when you already own a website. It will put up a storefront on your own domain.

In case you do not own a domain, you can have your storefront on a sub-domain. You just need to provide the name, we provide the domain.

Here’s what the Facebook storefront looks like


 And this is what a storefront on your domain looks like


How would this help your business?

This expands your reach tremendously. Along with harnessing your Facebook fans, you now have an online store too. You can have both E-Commerce and F-Commerce in a very convenient way. Being linked, they are managed through one single dashboard. These services are included in our packages, you don’t need to pay anything additional for your website storefront. There are no hidden charges.

The store provides a variety of customized settings. These include specifying shipping charges, various modes of payments, and store settings such as specifying T&C, about the store, etc. SellMojo generates reports for the business to keep a track of their sales too.

SellMojo is the only service in India that provides a Facebook store + a website storefront + a free payment gateway + logistics support.