Social media presence – Now a necessity

Today, in this fast growing digital world, it is important to have a presence on Facebook and other social media.
Until recently, your presence on the web was restricted to your own website only. But, this has changed now. Along with a website, social media presence has also become very important. This includes blogs, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Pinterest and others.


Here’s why:

    • Low cost- Social media presence requires little or no cost. Only when you wish to promote a post will you need to shell out some money but otherwise it’s the cheapest form of marketing you can do.
    • Interactive- Social media provides an interactive platform where you can directly connect to your audience. You can ask questions; to which the interested fans will answer and vice versa. This creates a more friendly approach for your audience.
    • Boosts traffic- Gaining attention on one social media platform will automatically boost the traffic on the other platforms where you are present.
    • Instant Feedback- Activity on social media is instant. As soon as something is posted, it appears on the audiences’ screen. Interaction and response is amazing and you don’t have to wait for their feedback.
    • Credibility- An active community on social media builds the trust of new users in you. When they get to know about you through the feedback received from other users, it becomes more easier for them to believe in your brand.
    • Updates- People now spend more time on social media platforms than they do watching T.V. Thus, any new updates or products released are most likely to grab attention faster on social media rather than on an advertisement on T.V or in a newspaper.
  • Tracking- Most social media platforms have tools which help you analyze the impact you are creating on it. This is very helpful since it shows you what is more appreciated and where you might be going wrong.

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